Image format
The image files are processed and optimised to your specified order size and ready for use.
JPEG files are a compressed image format; we save these at the highest quality setting.
Image sizing 
You can purchase image licence for images in three seizes -
Low res: 1Mpix (~1,000 pixels; good for screen or web use)
Hi res: 4Mpix (good for 8x10 print size)
Original: Full resolution (Most of our images are available from 60-144mb - open file size)
Image licence + image size
You are buying a licence to use the image; the pricing reflects the licence and the size of image you are purchasing. View the licence terms here.
Need a larger file size? 
Please contact us if you require any further help regarding the file format and sizes; specifically if you have questions regarding a particular use for an image.
Print sizes
The largest files size we provide, Original: Full resolution, has been used in banners and large prints up to 3 meters wide. 
Colour Space
All images all processed and saved in the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space.
You are buying a licence to use an image. We retain the copyright. View the copyright here. The licence terms here.

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